The Queer Fool


 'What is the Queer Fool' 1, 1 ½ and 2 hour workshop, for lgbtq seminars, conferences etc. Experiential workshops exploring our inner queer fool and the queer fool's relevance to wider queer theory.


 'An Introduction to the Queer Fool. ' Day workshops and

 'The Queer Fool' Weekend workshops for lgbtqi people. Finding the queer fool within, experiencing the empty space, exploring the connections between Queer and Fooling, dancing our inner dances.


Workshops are led by Al Head. Al is a performer, workshop leader, musician and writer. Founder member of QUIP (QUeers Into Performance). Creater of Queer Fool workshops. Creator and organiser of Queer Spirit Festival. Community arts workshop leader since 1980. Re-evaluation Counselling teacher. For more info see Al bat Ross .



Workshops are for all lgbtqi people. Disabled lgbtqi people are welcome, let us know how we can make the workshops work best for you.