The Queer Fool

The Fool is an archetype, sacred and foolish, holy and rash. In the Tarot the Fool steps off a cliff, not knowing if que will fall or fly. Que skips through the pack, being number 0 at the beginning but also at the end of the major arcana, and able to go anywhere que chooses within the pack. The Fool is a player, a performer. Que goes onto stage with nothing, no props, no script and finds the zero point within. In the empty space the Fool plays all the 'masks' que can find, the parts of queself and the characters and stories around. The Fool is the one who lives on the edge, who creates new ways of being, who won't conform, who dances their own dance.


Queer theory involves the dismantling and playing of gender, masculinities and feminiinites, sexualities and identities. Queer people also experience 'zero' points and empty spaces. They also create new ways of being and refuse to conform, they also jump off cliffs rashly and sacredly.


In the Queer Fool workshops and performances we find the links between Queer and the Fool. We explore the Fool archetype as lgbtq people working together, experiencing and discovering our masks and how to play them, our dances and how to dance them. We explore Queer as a concept and as lived experience. We discover the Queer Fool. We acknowledge our connections and tell our stories.


A mask is not a pretence: it is one of the ways we relate to others and the world, ways we feel, voices we embody. It is real but it is also never the whole truth. In safe workshop space we learn to identify, honour and 'play' our masks. We speak from the 'I' and learn to notice, play with and, when we choose, reclaim the masks we have projected onto others. We meet in Fools circles, create 'being' spaces where we can fully experience ourselves in the 'now' and playing spaces where we can create our performances and plays.